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Terra-S Reifenpannen Kit

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TERRA-S® Tire Repair Moto KIT
Small and compact
Good for: motorcycle, scooter, moped, scooter, scooter
Set recommended for large motorcycle tires
Resolve effortlessly in minutes (about 5 minutes) the most frequent punctures to Zweirrädern (z. B. damage by puncturing objects such as screws or nails of max. Ø 6 mm in the tire tread and tire shoulder) without annoying Radwechsel
Simple, fast clean and without effort
Only latex based tire sealant (OEM) Fill and the tire with the CO2 Patronenaufpumpen
The tire is now ready for use again for the onward journey (max. 60 km / h), z. B. the next workshop
Used by leading car manufacturers: Technical release eg Audi, BMW, Honda, Porsche, Renault, Toyota and VW
Other advantages:
Small and practical take away
Better sealing performance than conventional roadside sprays
Easy to use
Technical specifications:
Durability: 4 years
Temperature resistance: min. -30 ° C ... + 70 ° C
Dimensions: 120 x 70 x 60 mm
Weight: 953
Tire Sealant 100 ml (hand expression bottle)
Two CO2 cartridges (+ 1x cryoprotectant)
valve remover
Charging hose with adapter and Veerschlussstopfen
replacement valve
Manual with the speed label
Bag in black

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