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Terra-S Industrie

Reifendichtmittel 950ML
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TERRA-S® tire sealant> Industry <
Suitable for all commercial vehicles (EM tires, trucks, farm equipment, lawn tractors, forestry equipment, mower, wheelchairs, wheel loaders, hand truck, wheelbarrow, small wheels, tractor, boat trailers, shovel loaders, Unimog, municipal vehicles, Caddy, ...)
Seal easily the most common punctures on commercial vehicles from (z. B. damage by puncturing objects such as screws or nails of max. Ø 10 mm * in the tire tread and tire shoulder) without annoying Radwechsel
The damaged tire is easily filled without time-consuming assembly with the tire sealant
Ideal for all vehicles with pneumatic tires whose maximum speed does not exceed the 80 km / h
Depending on the type of tire and tire pressure damage be permanently sealed
In Tubular employ preventative - no costly downtimes of machines at preventive use
Better sealing performance than conventional roadside sprays
Durability: 7 years
Temperature resistance: max. - Bit 25 ° C + 70 ° C
Color turquoise
Container: Plastic bottle with integrated filler neck
Contents: 950 ml
* depending on the PR number of the tire
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