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Valve Mounting pliers for rubber snap-in valves Ø 11.3 mm
For easy and safe retraction of snap-in valves in steel and aluminum rims of cars and vans. Especially in vans and campers rubber snap-in valves are heavily loaded due to the higher tire pressure. This is Werkzeu idela suitable for a proper fitting.

To avoid damage to the valve, pull-in, Einziehwinkel and lubrication must be adhered to. The novel design of the pliers allows a secure grip of valves with valve caps of hard or soft plastic.
Valve caps must not be removed! The stepped plastic support ensures optimum support and diebestmögliche leverage on different wheels. The floating bearing tong head is held open by springs and causes an optimal Einziehwinkel in the axis of the valve bore. Thus, the effort required is minimized and reliably prevents damage to the valves.

- Installation errors are minimized and long-term damage avoided
- Suitable for valves with hard and soft plastic caps
Complete assembly without removing the valve cap -
- No slipping through secure support on the rim
- Low effort due to optimum leverage and perfect Einziehwinkel
- Proved thousands of times in series production
- Avoids complaints / claims costs (Platt Roll damage) by pulling the damaged valves
- Quality tools made of German production
- 5 year warranty

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