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Hofmann balancing powder 505
The balancing powder distributed during the trip initially uniformly to the inside wall of the tire. This is due to the centrifugal force. In the case of an unbalance of the wheel, the centrifugal force of the heavy body will be larger with increasing speed and creates a tumbling and jumping of the wheel. The balancing powder is automatically compared to the heavy body from and thus compensates for the imbalance. The flexible positioning of the balancing powder the optimum balance is produced even when modified imbalance without further effort always.
Fusion Technology - The intelligent balancing powder
The secret of the innovative FUSION TECHNOLOGY is the different size of the balancing body. The larger, red grains are concentrated in the center of the tire and the same static unbalance from. The smaller, blue grains move outwards and reduce the wobbling of the wheel, which is caused by dynamic imbalance. The result is a smooth ride for the whole tire life.
There is no balancer needed - Easy to tear bag and put into the tire
Fuel saving - a smoother ride and a lower rolling resistance to ensure a longer life
Achieved through less vibration and smooth roll are a longer tread life and a lower tire wear - Extended tire life
TPMS checked - The specially coated powder has no impairment for TPMS sensors or inside of the tire on. The high-quality metal valve cap and the special valve core protect the valve
The vibration damping increases comfort and allows the driver to arrive relaxed at his goal
Eco-Friendly - The balancing powder is lead-free
No longer necessary rebalancing
Clear Capacity Table - find quickly and easily for each tire weight. (Under Media -> Info)
Gradually, illustrated instructions on each pack
Quality components included - Special valve core and valve cap marked for identification in each bag included
Contents: 230 gr
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