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AL-KO Octagon axle shock absorber

Colour Blue
Single axis: to 1300 kg
Tandem axle: until 2600 kg

Package: 1

Octagon axle shock absorber
Can be retrofitted on trailers with AL-KO chassis.
The conventional Standardachsstoßdämpfer on the market are designed for a high weight range (eg 0 to 4.0 t). Only in mid-trailer weights is optimal damping (2.0 t).
In the lower weight range is overdamped. The effect is the jumping and jolting of the trailer. In the upper weight range Wurd underdamped. The result: a hardly noticeable improvement in driving safety.

- AL-KO Octagon axle shock dagegegen are specifically set for a specific weight range.
- They improve the handling characteristics of the trailer optimally.

Easy installation:
- The rubber-mounted joint connection eyes enable locking arms, tension-free mounting system to 5 ° inclination.
- In contrast to standard axle shock absorbers, the screws are the AL-KO Octagon axle shock absorber firmly integrated in the eye of the damper and thus are supplied with a jefen damper.

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