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AL-KO ball coupling AK 300

Suitable for all overrun devices to 2,300 kg (with AL-KO to 3,000 kg) with drilling horizontal or cross
Security indicator: If visible in coupled condition of the green cylinder, the clutch is installed correctly to the trailer coupling of the towing vehicle
Wear indicator: A zusäztliche Anzege on Kupplungsgriff indicates whether: A) is reached the coupling of the trailer, the wear limit of the coupling ball of the towing vehicle, or B) or not
Flat handle: The handle complies with the latest regulations and is very flat, so that even with towing vehicles with low-lying load sill, the tailgate can be opened ncoh work seamlessly
Attachments: Installation actual easily as with all AL-KO Clutches-. With two screws the old clutch is off and screwed the new clutch

Technical specifications:
GVW (at AL-KO) to 2300 (3000) kg
Vertical load: 200 kg
D-value: 31.0 kN
Holes: horizontal and cross
Material: Sheet steel
Weight: 1.8 kg

Dimensions (see Figure 2)
Connection A Ø: 35 + 50 mm (horizontal) / 45 + 50 (cross) mm
Connection B: 50 + 54 mm (horizontal) / 40 (cross) mm
Connection C: 11 mm (horizontal) / 18 (cross) mm
Length D: 168 mm

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