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Wera Ratchet Wrenches> Joker <

Geeginet for hexagonal screw heads or -nuts
Holding function by metal plate in his mouth, reduces the risk of losing screws and nuts
Interchangeable metal plate in his mouth secures with extra hard teeth nuts and bolts, and reduces the risk of slipping
Integrated end stop can prevent slipping from the screw head down and allows the application of high torques
The double hexagonal geometry ensures the positive connection with screw or nut and thus reducing the risk of slipping
Rear pivot angle of only 30 ° on the mouth side to avoid the time-consuming turning of the key when screwdriving
Ratchet mechanism on the ring side with exceptionally high fine gearing of 80 teeth for flexibility in tight spaces
Special forged geometry for high torque transmission and high bending stiffness
Powerful, high-quality chrome-molybdenum steel
Nickel-chromium coating for corrosion protection
Extensive product description, see video and media> Info

Wrench size SW 14 mm
Overall length: 188 mm

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