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Double joint Ring Wrench Set 5-piece

Provides much better access when working in confined spaces.

Ideal for: Working on front-wheel drive vehicles, water pumps, valve covers, timing belts, gearboxes, servo pumps, alternators, air conditioning compressors, pulleys etc.

Each key has a fine-toothed with 72 teeth ratchet mechanism and is right / left reversible. The return angle of only 5 °. The ratchet head can be locked swivels 180 ° and in 11 positions. The profile in the key head has a greatly enlarged to the screw contact surface with special profile.

This has the following advantages:
better access to low-lying screw heads
for 5 different screw profiles used (pins, 6-Kant, 12-point, Torx and square)
works even with up to 50% worn profiles

Scope of supply:
Key 8x10mm
Length: 24,0cm
Torque max: 20 / 42nm
Key 12x14mm
Length: 32.5 cm
Torque max: 58 / 78nm
Key 13x15mm
Length: 36.5 cm
Torque max: 69 / 99Nm
Key 16x18mm
Length 41,0cm
Max torque: 123 / 151Nm
Key 17x19mm
Length: 41,0cm
Max torque: 133 / 161Nm

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