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Throw water pump pliers

Comfortable innovative quick adjustment - thanks especially newly developed unique tip / step-function lever
Lightning-fast setting with closed forceps arms in gripping position directly on the workpiece possible - Single-handed operation possible
Safe operation and functioning especially in tight spaces and work situations
Operation of the British Standard Whitworth thread 1-1 / 8 "= SW 47.2 mm trouble
Integrated guard prevents injuries (eg contusions)
High quality due to special internal quality testing beyond standard
For more strength and long service life: Extremely hard jaw teeth by additional inductive hardening and against the direction of rotation staggered teeth
Precise detent thanks to laser cut Verstellverzahnung
Many closely stepped settings (locking positions) offer ideal grip opening points for each mouth opening width
Tempered tooth stud (prepared by highly technical powder metallurgical injection molding MIM (Metal Injection Moulding)
High corrosion resistance of the pliers by Zinc Phosphate surface (CrVI-free = Compliance with the highest health and environmental requirements)
Ergonomic broad, softly rounded hand protection for a good distribution of pressure on the handle

Technical specifications:
Max southwest. 50 mm
Max Tubular. 50 mm
DIN ISO 8976
Length: 260 mm
Weight: 370 g

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