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KNIPEX high-side cutter TwinForce
Ideally suitable translation by double-joint construction
Extremely easy cutting with little effort: cuts 50% again lighter than the tried and tested KNIPEX Wire cutter
Even 4 mm thick wires intersects the KNIPEX Twin Force with 2 - 3 times will repositioning without much effort. Conventional power side cutter does not cut such diameters or only with very high force.
Cuts reliably all types of wire, but strip material
For coarse and finest cutting
Little cutting impact: the hand is spared. Muscles and tendons are relieved
For use with more comfort for frequent Schneider or for particularly hard cutting cases
High stability and zero backlash operation by being forged and precision milled joint axes
Chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel, forged, oil-hardened
Pliers chemically blacked, polished head, handle with multi-component sleeve
Hergestell in Germany
Cutting performance:
soft: 5.5 mm
mittehlhart: 4.6 mm
hard: 3.0 mm
Length: 180 mm
Weight: 280 g

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