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KNIPEX spring band clip pliers / Clamp pliers

These pliers replace the chip area and the jaw form a plurality of individual, special hose clamp pliers
Perfectly suited to standard, Raumspar- and wire clamps and spring band rings safe and effortless to assemble up to 70 mm nominal size or disassemble
Revolving universal gripper inserts for secure grip of the clamps in any position, with hand-friendly handle position
The slim and angled head and the small head width are ideal for working in confined spaces (especially for new vehicles z. B. air intake, cooling, charge air, heating, water outlet, thermostat, or the fuel supply)
Pliers made of chrome-vanadium electric steel, forged and oil-hardened
When possible maximum jaw opening over 40 mm Tension
Extremely good leverage ratio, ideal to securely clamps open easily and without high Krauftaufwand
Excellent clamping protection
Quick-Set-adjustment: adjustment by pushing directly to the workpiece (. Eg spring band hose clamp)
Fine adjustment for optimum adaptation to different clamp sizes
Easily open the pliers by pressing a button
Box joint: high stability because of double guide
Made in Germany

Technical specifications:
Opening: max. 80 mm
Capacity: max. 70 mm
Setup Items: 25
Length: 250 mm

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