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FACOM torque wrench - electronically

Easily attaches to any tightening means Magnet
Clearly visible and large-sized display, and LED lamps for precise work
Simple operation through self-test and zero setting when switching on
Preset of 9 torque or angle degree values ​​possible
Memory for 250 values ​​transferred via USB to PC
Keyboard locked: The operator only then obtains access to the program selection and to save results
Torque and angle degrees function in a single tool
Super Easy to use: self test and zeroing on power
Luminous display and audible signal (LED and buzzer)
Metering Mode: peak or Mitlaufmessung

Technical specifications:
± 2% between 20% and 100% of the output range of the key
Angle: ± 2 °
Nm: 7-135
Measuring units: Nm,; in lb,, degrees
Drive: Square 1/2 "
ISO 6789 - DIN EN ISO 6789 - NF EN ISO 6789
Length: 415 mm

Scope of supply:
Torque wrench calibration certificate according to ISO 6789, plastic box with foam inserts

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