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Wera TOOL Check Plus
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WERA Cyclops Mini Tool-Check PLUS
28 bits, 7 nuts, nut 1 Adapter, 1 bit ratchet, 1 Rapidaptor and a Kraftform handle
The basic consideration for the original form of the Kraftform handle - the hand to dictate the shape of the handle - has proved to be correct today. Wera developed already in the 60's with the world-renowned Fraunhofer Institute a screwdriver handle, which is adapted to the shape of the human hand. After a long development work 1968 Wera Kraftform handle has been introduced into the market. To date, he has been optimized by new technology, but he has kept the best shape, because the human hand has not changed since.
With the bit ratchet up bits and nuts can be actuated
The Rapidaptor bit holder serves as an extension and can also absorb long bits E 6.3.
The Wera Tool-Check PLUS is also during mobile use always.
The Tool-Check PLUS combines ratchet, hand holder, bits and nuts in a confined space.
The bit removal is with the thumb operation to opening mechanism extremely comfortable. By moving the slide switch to the Bit-Check opens automatically, bits and holders can be easily removed.
each 1x 6-kant Socket: 5.5; 6.0; 7.0; 8.0; 10.0; 12.0; 13.0
Phillips Bit: 2x PH1; 3x PH2; 1x PH3
Phillips bits: 1x PZ1; 3x PZ2; 1x 3PZ
each 1x TORX® Bit: TX10, TX15, TX20, TX25, TX30, TX40
each 1x TORX® bit with hole: TX10, TX15, TX20, TX25, TX30
1 each Allen-bit Hex-Plus: 3.0; 4.0; 5.0; 6.0; 8.0
1x slot bit TZ 1,0x5,5

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