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Oil-hopper set, 7-piece

For clean filling of engine oil with a suitable adapter cap and seal
Due to the tight connection with the filling opening no more oil is spilled accidentally on the exhaust manifold or the engine block
The additional angular extension allows the filling even in hard to reach places, such as in the Ford Galaxy, Seat Alhambra or VW Sharan
Includes 5 aluminum adapter
Caution: Not to be used in W12 engines!

Hopper volume: 1 liter

Scope of supply:
Angle extension
Universal bayonet adapter (suitable for about 75% of all vehicles including for example Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz. Sprinter, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen, VAG)
Threaded adapter M32 x 3.5 mm (eg fit for Honda, Nissan)
Threaded adapter M35 x 4.0 mm (suitable eg for Mazda)
Threaded adapter M37 x 3.0 mm (suitable eg for Lexus, Toyota)
Threaded adapter M42 x 3.5 mm (suitable for eg Subaru)

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