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KUKKO® two-arm universal puller, Series 20

Universal, 2-arm design with standard deduction hook in standard lengths
Can be used for removal of ball bearings, bearings, gears etc.
By turning the puller legs used as internal or external
Also suitable for removing asymmetrical workpieces
The Zweiarmigkeit enables space-saving work
In any position, even under full load, parallel extractor hooks
The part is to be deducted only to the large contact areas (C) of the puller legs and thereby stripped gently
On the traverse continuously sliding extractor hooks
The trusses of sizes from -1 to -30, possess a hexagonal profile on which, if necessary, a key can be set for countering
The spindle heads are provided with a collar, which prevents the wrench from slipping while peeling
The optionally available shaft extensions enable easy adjusting the cutting depth to the application
Strong construction, high performance and long life
In particularly tight parts, the mechanical pressure screw, for sizes from -2 to -5, be replaced by a hydraulic pressure spindle
Glide & FIX - The optimized geometry of Traverse and slides ensures particularly easy movement, as well as a rock-solid fixation of the puller legs on the crossbar
SELFLOCK® - By turning the set screw the hooks centric tense and grab as tightly around the part to be deducted. A moving or slipping off the hook is prevented

Wingspan: 90.0 mm (3 inches)
Outside span: 70 - 140 mm
Cutting depth: 100.0 mm (4 inches)
Hexagon: 17 mm
Weight: 1.10 kg

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