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Kukko Puller Set, 2 arms, 2-piece

2-arm Sepzial puller for bearing inner rings on the front wheel hubs for Audi / VW, with adapter for attachment on hollow shafts:
The puller with a VAG adapters (VAG V10.1) is particularly suitable for cases in which remains the wheel bearing on the front axle, falls apart during disassembly and place only the inner ring on the shaft
Especially with vehicles such as the VW Golf IV with riveted ABS rotor (hub 1JO407613G) provides this puller excellent services
The adapter ensures a flush pad and using the lateral clamp (use of 2 puller) the sharp puller legs are pressed against the inner ring
Thus, the ring deforms to such an extent that an effortless and safe removal is possible
The clamp (use of 2 puller) presses the extractor hooks firmly against the part to be deducted

Technical specifications:
Hex: 22 mm
Weight: 2,0 kg


2-arm puller release "COBRA" (210 series) with reversible extractor hooks and lateral clamp
For many purposes usable where normal pullers can not be used.
To release flush fitted parts such as axle bearings, ball bearing races, pinions, etc.
The puller legs are reversible and can be used on both sides, with different hook shapes - One side has normal Abziehklauen that other separation claws
The separation claws of the puller legs grip when tightening the lateral clamp under the deducted part and claw this going on before the actual removal process
The multi-hole in the trigger hook allows work with variable clamping depth
The clamp presses the extractor hooks firmly against the part to be deducted

Technical specifications:
Wingspan: 95 mm (3 3/4 ")
Cutting depth: 170 mm (6 3/4 ")
Hex: 22 mm
Power max .: 5 tons / 100 Nm
Weight: 2.60 kg

Scope of supply:
2-arm Sepzial puller for bearing inner rings
2-arm puller release "COBRA"
per 1 open-end wrench for the spindle and ferrule
1 Hex Driver with T-handle for mounting the ferrule
1 Tube spindle grease
1 Kukko Chip

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