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Leitenberger charge air testing system suitcase MLPS 06

To test the charge-air system and its individual components for leaks
Universally suitable for charge air systems in the new generations of vehicles for which the air tubes are connected to click system
The test tool enables reliable, professional and fast leak test of the charge air system
By attaching the closure and the adapter plug can be tested with the aid of a tire filler, the entire charge air system
The leak test can then be carried out based on noise, leak detection spray or pressure drop
Leaks at the joints, pipes, hoses, intercooler turbocharger or can be easily and quickly detected and localized
The particular shape of the plug ensures that they are held securely during testing
They are adapted in the form of the fittings of the vehicle charging air system

Technical specifications:
Display: 0 - 2.5 bar
Overpressure valve: max. 1 bar (output)
Kofffer Dimensions (LxWxH) 395 x 325 x 10 mm
Case Weight: 3.7 kg

Scope of supply:
1 MPLS (pressure gauge with overpressure valve + fill port)
1 filling hose (0.4 m)
6 Adapter
6 Plug
1 Owner's Manual
1 suitcase

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