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KLANN cleaning tool with compressed air adapters (DE-GM)

Universally suitable for glow plug M10x1 for example:
BMW, Mercedes, Chrysler, Opel, Nissan, Renault, etc.
Universally suitable for glow plug M8x1 for example:
Citroën, Fiat, Ford, Lancia, Mercedes, Opel, Suzuki, Volvo, Saab, etc.
Universally suitable for motors with an injector seat-Ø 17 mm eg:
Mercedes: OM611, OM612, OM613, OM640, OM642, OM646, OM646 EVO, OM647, OM648, OM651, OM668, Peugeot: DT17, DT20, DV4, DV6, DW10, DW12, Citroën: DV4, DV6, Renault: F9Q, G9T , G9U, K9K, M9R, M9T, BMW: M47, M47TU, M57, M57TU, Opel: Z13DT, Ford: G8DA, G8DB, HHDA, HHJA, HHJB, Volvo: D4164T, Mazda: Y6, Toyota 2.2 (2AD-FTV ) and 3.0 (1KD-FTV), Land Rover Freelander TD4 (M47D), Fiat: 188A9.000, 198A3.000, Saab: A20DT

For quick and professional cleaning the injection nozzle seat. Important before reinstalling the injector in order to avoid leakage between cylinder head and injection nozzle is formed. The spring-loaded centering sleeve ensures a precise guidance of the cleaning tool in the injector bore and thus problem-free and accurate cleaning of the sealing seat surface. Screwing the compressed air adapter KL-0369-55 KL-1383-118 B or into the glow plug bore and injecting air into the combustion chamber prevents contamination from entering the combustion chamber.

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