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Diesel and injector tester

Opening pressure, spray pattern, tightness and chattering property
For devices designed with maximum indicator of Pointer remains at spray pressure are and therefore can be read at a later time. In the test, it is not necessary to simultaneously watch the beam of the nozzle and to read the value of the pressure gauge.

Inspection Procedure

Opening pressure and spray pattern:
Splash guard (5) of the reservoir (2).
fill the reservoir (2) to 1/4 with non-combustible test fluid.
Supplied pressure line (1) to test device DET.
Pump lever (4) button until liquid escapes, characterized the test equipment is vented.
The test injection directly or by using the appropriate adapter to the pressure line (1)
Splash guard (5) back.
By further actuating the pump lever (4) build up pressure and watch the pressure gauge.
If the fuel pressure exceeds the nozzle spring pressure, exits the injection of finely atomized fuel.
Check spray pattern.
By observing the start of injection of the opening pressure can be read on the pressure gauge (3).
(Pointer indicates the exact spray pressure on the manometer scale.)

Leak test:
In the leakage test pressure is built by pumping, the bar of about 20 under the
Opening pressure is.
The injector is sealed when the nozzle does not drip within 10 seconds and the pressure shown is not

Schnarr examination:
To Schnarr test the pump lever is operated in intervals. Depending on the design of the nozzle must during the
occur injection process a clearly audible noise Schnarr.

Tester with 2 pressure lines thread M 12 x 1.5 and threaded M 14 x 1,5

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