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Laser TOOL
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ContiTech belt tool LASER TOOL
This universal laser tool can be applied for diagnosis in all automotive ribbed belt drives, even with plastic discs
Misalignment can be detected reliably
When noise in V-ribbed belt drive or premature wear to the V-ribbed belt misalignment of the pulleys are often the cause
The laser measures reliably and precisely, if all disks in the belt drive are aligned
The most common malposition / alignment errors in serpentine drives / such. B.Seitenversatz and angular misalignment can be easily recognized using the laser tool
With proper diagnosis can I fix the errors in order to secure the proper functioning of the belt drive
In order to verify the orientation, the laser is positioned centrally on the ribs of a pulley and the laser beam directed to the opposite pulleys
Immediately becomes visible if the disc is misaligned
Supplied with setting gauge for calibration verification and safety glasses

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