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KLANN SAC Clutch Tool Set in plastic case

Fits SAC clutches (3- and 4-hole pitch) in eg VW / AUDI, BMW, MERCEDES, VOLVO, OPEL, RENAULT etc.

The tool set is required for professional removal and installation of SAC clutches (Self-Adjusting Clutch = Self-adjusting clutch).
Without this tool set the proper removal and installation is nearly impossible, because the clutch can be tightened or damaged. This has a non-real disconnect or''rupfen'' the clutch. A faulty or braced built clutch is faulty and must be replaced.
The tool kit prevents damage to the SAC clutch during assembly and disassembly as well as the distortion of the adjusting in the printing plate.
The newly developed clutch aligner allows a centering of the clutch disc in vehicles without a guide bearing in the crankshaft. The two clamping / centering guarantee on the first clamping element (Ø 15 - 28 mm) the precise centering of the clutch disc and the second clamping element (Ø 12 - 28 mm) the precise centering of the guide bearing or crankshaft bore.
Even clutches on engines with larger KurbelwellenbohrungsØ as clutch discs Hub Ø can be cleanly and precisely centered.

- (Important to avoid tension on the clutch) biasing the clutch pressure plate when removing and installing.
- Centering the clutch plate to the guide bearing or towards the printing plate.
- Provision of the adjusting ring in conjunction with resetting tool.
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