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Ate Brake Fluid Tester BFT 320
The beonders inexpensive brake fluid tester enables laboratory accuracy measuring the boiling points of all brake fluids (with boiling points up to 320 ° C) glycol-based (DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1)
Works on the principle of boiling method, the only way to determine independently of the brake fluid type the exact boiling point
Heats the brake fluid to the boiling point and displays the thus determined temperature
The measuring process takes only about 30 seconds
Then the result is displayed digitally on the easily legible display, followed by a recommendation for any brake fluid change - Changing the brake fluid on suspected a thing of the past
The very handy tester has a 12-volt outlet and allows an extremely comfortable measuring the brake fluid boiling point right in the equalization tank of the vehicle
Thanks to the included sample beakers and pipette also measurements can be taken outside the vehicle
The user is guided by a clear and very easy to understand menu, which in 9 languages (D, GB, F, I, E, P, PL, CZ, SK) can be adjusted
Technical specifications:
Measuring accuracy at 100-180 ° C: +/- 3%
Measuring accuracy at> 180 ° C: +/- 5%
Measuring time: 30 seconds
Voltage Requirements: 12 Volt
complete tester
Sample cup and pipette
instruction manual
Sturdy storage case

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