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CGS electronic refrigerant leak detector LS4000
High Fitted and intelligent halogen leak detector
Latest technology thanks of heated semiconductor gas technology and gas circulation pump - therefore nearly no false signals
The handy shaped device with LED display is easy to use and extremely reliable and accurate in the indication of leaks
Particularly visible individual LEDs show the potential and possibly the size of the leakage at
3. color display to the set sensitivity
Simplest operator u. Operation by pressing the keys
Detection of all safety refrigerants such as R12 CFC's, R11, R500, R503 and R22 HCFC's, R123, R124, R502 and R134a HFC's, R404a, R125, etc. 1234yf
Detection of forming gas (5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen)
For leak detection on almost all Kate and air conditioning systems, eg. As in cars, buses and trucks
The highly effective suction pump creates a suction gleichmäßen past the sensor whereby a particularly accurate detection of leaks is ensured
Technical specifications:
Warm-up time of the measurement point: 45 seconds
Working temperature: 0 - 40 ° C
Accuracy Refrigerant: 3g / year
Precision forming gas: 1 ppm
Battery life: about 7 hours
Power supply: 5 VDC (4x AA 1.5V batteries)
Length of flexible probe: 40 cm
Dimensions: 173 x 66 x 56 mm
Weight: 400 g

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