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Leitenberger cooler vacuum Filling KVB 01

- Due to the leak test a filling of leaky cooling systems is prevented (after renewing of radiator, thermostat or
Hoses, etc.).
- Bubble-free filling of the new coolant to be replenished (initial filling or in case of repair).
- Time-saving, no bleed the cooling system.
- Simple application.
- All Leitenberger cooler adapter called K .. and UA .. To Kühlerdruck- and leak test are equipped with KVB 01 usable!
- Maintenance-free, no moving parts.
- Operation with compressed air 6 to 12 bar.
- Fast assembly and disassembly through quick coupling system.
- Can be used for ventilation of parking heaters.

With KVB 01 is a vacuum in the repaired, but still generated unfilled cooling system. If the vacuum stable, the cooling system is sealed
and Raparatur was successful (leak test). Reduces the vacuum, so this indicates a leak, ie the cooling system must not be filled. If the leak test carried out successfully, the cooling system can bubble-free and fast
Suction of refrigerant to be filled. Delivered in a box, without an adapter.

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