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Busching Relay Socket Tester Set

Faster, more precise and safer relay socket tester (relay Simulator) for checking the supply, earthing and trigger lines in a circuit
This klene hand tester is a "must" for every workshop
Simply remove the relay and mount the dummy relay entpsrechende
Earthing, power and trigger ports are displayed as green or red LEDs
The tester can also be used for power components, when the relay circuit is simulated using the on / off circuit via the test button
The kit has 6 different types of dummy relay as well as a universal test, which is suitable for all vehicle relay socket
Works with 12 and 24 volt systems

Technical specifications:
Dimensions (LxWxH): 34 x 26 x 8 cm
Weight: 1.2kg

Scope of supply:
Tester, 6 common relay connections, 1 universal Relaisprüfkabel, Plastic Case

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