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Time is money, with this set you reduce the time of the failure diagnosis in the workshop.
In many cases, the troubleshooting is time intensive than the repair. Feel the new Prüfleitungsset,
partly with unique connectors, the technical defect. Too many technical defects are attributable to faulty electrics in the car.
In connection with your multimeter test leads can be used.
Many connectors and cables in the vehicle must not be solved, because the lines are designed in this set so,
that fine thin probes make contact or the line is pierced without residue.

1. P / N 6003 = Tapping Probe with spike; 30V AC - 60V DC - 6A max.
2. P / N = 5015 alligator clip bare small size; 33V AC - 70V DC - 10A max.
3. P / N = 5030 alligator clip isolated small size; 33V AC / 70V DC - 10A max.
4. P / N 430 d4 ECO SpiO7 = Spiral test lead with 4 mm plug highly flexible and short-insulated probe.
33V AC - 70V DC - 10A max.
5. P / N 6005-IEC-M0,5 = Tapping Probe with two grippers max. Opening 5 mm with 4 mm socket
1000 V CAT III / 6A max.
6. P / N 405-IEC = probes with 0.2 mm probe universally einsetzbar.1000V - CAT III - 36A.
7. P / N 1089 = transition or connector for bare conductors open to 4 mm - with probe of 4mm. 33V AC / 70V DC - 36A ​​max.
8. P / N 2060 / M05 Universal Adapter 4 mm with 0.5 mm insulated test wire. 33V AC - 70V DC - 1A max.
Max = maximum voltage and maximum current is allowed to rest.
A = Ampere
Black = ground contact minus
Red = plus Contact

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