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Busching magnetic tester / detector Aktorius
This detector can be easily checked that electronic component (actuator) is defective
This examination may include, inter alia: ignition (conventional, Doppelfunkenzündspule, Einfunkenzündspule), alternator, interior blower, Duoventil (for heating, cooling water), valve for EGR control (Exhaust gas regulation), injectors (injectors), spark plug, Hall sensors and relays
The detector is maintained above the tested electrical component - an acoustic signal and luminous LEDs show the functionality of the component to
The tip of the detector has two sides - both sides "p" and "O" have different sensitivities (depending on the type of actuator)
Must To get an accurate result, the detector tip are held through the coiled portion of the electronic component
When testing relays, the detector is swung back and forth
In addition, the detector has a Power switch: Level II is for normal use, and Level I is for components whose magnetic field is very strong

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