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OX 346D
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As one of the world's leading filter manufacturers and OEMs for BMW motorcycles Mahle has always stood for quality and technology.

Oil filters from MAHLE keep dirt particles from the reliable lubrication circuit Remote
and thus receive both the oil quality and the performance and efficiency of the engine.
MAHLE oil filter cartridge that is deep-drawn from sheet steel and powder-coated housing for faster solving of the filter
equipped with a polygon.

Benefits of Mahle oil filters
- Cold start resistance given by a stable pleat geometry
- Reliable separation of contaminated and filtered oil through quality sealing materials and tailor-made connectors
- Peak loads up to 20 bar are compensated by the high compressive strength of the housing
- Oil supply ensured by pressure relief valve at any time (with viscous oil, as or in cold-start phase
is given at low outdoor temperatures, as in a heavily polluted by exceeding the change interval filter element)
- Return valve prevents the emptying of the filter when the engine and ensures the engine starts fast oil supply

This Ölfiter fits all Smart models

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