Hubladebühne alt 7057458
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4AZ 003 787-081
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1 Stck.
Hella Electronic flasher unit, 4-pole, 12 V
Universal electronic flasher with Einschaltkotrolle. (Directional and warning flasher)
If z. B. for the simultaneous operation of beacons used
Three circuit flasher unit * for use in commercial vehicles (heavy class) and buses
The function of the flasher unit is displayed, in case of failure of a light bulb no display.
With bracket and cable
Transistor design. Last Regardless, increased short-circuits
Maximum load 10-200 Watt
Technical specifications
Rated voltage: 12 volts
Number of Poles: 4
electrical switching capacity: 10-200 / 1-8 x 18/21 Watt
Operating Mode: Electronic
Mounting Type: mounting
Connections: 31 = mass + = battery, RP = indicator light, CL = switch
* All indicators including a vehicle side trailer or semi-trailer to be connected and controlled via three flasher internal power or control circuits. A control circuit for the front direction indicators on the tractor, the second for the rear turn signals on the tractor. The third control circuit is for indicator on the trailer or semitrailer. Error displays from the first and second control circuit via the indicator light for the tractor. Error indications from the third control circuit via the indicator lamp for the trailer. The adverse effect on the control characteristics of long lines is extremely effectively reduced in the three-cycle system

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