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OSRAM Ultra Life
up to 3 times longer service life.

- For the first time there is a brand car lamp 3 years warranty
- Lasts up to three times longer than a conventional automotive lamp
- Unique Reliability
- Suitable for all types of vehicles
- Modern design with silver cap (H4 / H7), ideal for use in clear glass headlights
- Approved throughout Europe

Nominal voltage: 12 volts
Rated power: 55 watts
Socket: P14.5s
ECE category: H1
Applications: Single Wire Headlamp Bulbs for innovative 4-headlamp systems
Manufacturer: Osram

Contents: 2 (Duo Box)
Package: 10

OSRAM ULTRA LIFE - now with 3 years warranty
One annoyance for motorists: Middle of the night suddenly falls from one of the headlamps. Quick replacement must be obtained and installed, because a defective lamp is a high security risk. Drivers who are traveling a lot at night or who do not want to do without the safety of dipped headlights even during the day, this situation know. Due to the constant use of the lamps in their vehicles fail more often than usual.

Lasts and lasts and lasts and lasts ...
The solution is ULTRALIFE lamps up to three times as long as conventional automotive lamps illuminate. For ULTRA LIFE headlamps in non-commercial use OSRAM is the first manufacturer to even a three-year guarantee (for precise conditions under Even owners of vehicles whose headlamps and lights are difficult to access, is toil and costs with the new ULTRA LIFE evergreens spare. And of these benefits also benefits the environment: Rare relamping means less waste. When designing the ULTRALIFE can also score. For lamp types with Abdeckkuppe this is carried silver and merges visually with the reflectors of headlights. This ensures particularly in clear-glass headlights for a correspondingly high-quality impression. The durable auxiliary lamps ULTRALIFE complement the range.

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Mounting type (base):H1 (P14.5s)
Performance:55 Watt
Type of light:Standard
Filament technology:1 filament
Heavy Duty:No