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FERTAN® rust converter / Rust Converter

High Tech rust converter with brush for easy application, small rust spots such as stones, etc.
Atomized and removes rust sustainably
Eliminates rust without sandblasting
Harmless for plastics, rubber, chrome and paint.
For more than two decades proven product for removing rust and corrosion
Can be successfully used on slightly rusted, heavy rust and even to bare metal - The protective effect is achieved in principle
Constructed from water-based environmentally protective reasons. Therefore, the area to be treated must be free of dirt, oil, grease and silicone, ie metallically clean, but not to be rustproof
Only at extremely strong rust layers, about 5 mm, a second treatment may be necessary.
Apply only at temperatures above 5 ° C and about 24 - Leave for 48 hours
Always clean the surface with water before finishing
Can even be used on wet surfaces and is free of harmful substances

Packaging: Bottle Brush
Content: 30 ml

Carton Unit (Display): 24

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