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WD-40 Multi-Purpose Spray with Smart Straw ™

Multifunction spray with 5-fold active formula:
1. Cleans and protects: dissolves stubborn dirt, oil, grease and glue residue and makes them easy to remove. Leaves a nourishing protective layer.
2. Eliminates squeaks: For optimum running of moving parts, eliminates and prevents squeaks and creaks. Without Silicone, therefore no sticking.
3. Loosens rusted parts and stuck mechanics: Penetrates rust layers, dissolves quickly jammed metal parts, mechanics, nuts and bolts.
4. Protects against corrosion: Leaves a thin protective film that prevents the formation of moisture and rust on metal parts.
5. Eliminates humidity: Keeps electrical and electronic mechanisms free of moisture and prevents leakage.

Displaces water protects against moisture
Protects the battery from oxidation and maintains electrical contacts and protects switches, plugs and connectors are exposed to extreme conditions
Cleans and lubricates the rails of the car door
Removes grease and tar from the engine
Also ideal when it comes to the care and maintenance of professional tools

Exactly dosed with Smart Straw ™:
For precise spraying for example in the use as a contact spray or in the care of locking cylinders, simply fold out the tube at an angle of 90 °
For the application area, for example at the rim cleaning or maintenance of garden tools, simply fold the tube completely again
With the integrated spray tube on the spray head there looking no annoying tubes and plugging more

Packaging: spray can
Content: 500 ml

Carton Quantity: 24
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