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Spark plug connector grease ZKF 02
Thespecial grease sorgt for 100% electrical insulation and prevents water ingress and corrosion of the contact point
Simply smooth or grooved neck spark (thespark plug insulator)thin layer of grease and fit the plug
Prevents caking the spark plug before the spark plug neck and thus damaged sealing lips andalso facilitates so the disassembly of the connector
Protects against embrittlement and thus against high voltage flashovers
Elevated flashover
The problem:
After replacing the spark plugs occur sporadically misfiring,Irregular engine running or misfiringon - over the entire speed range
The cause voltage flashovers on the spark plugs neck, which in turn are caused by a leaking or embrittled spark plug
The solution:
Thinly After spark plug exchange the (smooth or grooved) spark plug neck with the special grease
Important: In any case, check the spark plug and replace if necessary
Particularly with single and Doppelfunkenzündspulen with attached connectors, it is advisable to renew together with the spark plugs and the plug, since the latter is often brittle in the sealing area of the spark plug and thereby leaking
Packaging: Tube
Content: 10 g
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