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presto BOB ® Haftstahl
Solvent-free, two component repair and adhesive system
The product fills, glues, connects and seals permanently different materials, such as iron, non-ferrous metals, cast iron, wood and stone
Very easy to shape
Resistant against: oil, petrol, alkalis, solvents
For the filling:
Processed like putty, suitable for all metals, castings, wood, fiber cement, ceramic and concrete
Possible cracks extend to 2/3 of the wall thickness v-shaped and filled with Haftstahl
Drill dry holes or torn threads on twice the original diameter and fill with Haftstahl
For bonding:
Haftstahl connects even and uneven materials firmly and permanently with each other, even those that are welded otherwise be difficult or impossible with each other or can be connected, such as steel, aluminum, lead, wood, iron, asbestos cement
For sealing:
For defective pipes or drain pipes, in conjunction with appropriate fabric materials to span the damage
Simply swipe Haftstahl to the fabric and use as a bandage
Cured layers from 5 mm can be machined like metal: drilling, milling, filing, turning, threading
Applications: automotive workshops, Fitters, metal manufacturing and industrial businesses, woodworking companies and industry, shipbuilding
Packaging: box
Content: 125 g (105 g Haftstahl, 20 g hardener)
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