Profilgummikleber 350ML

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Profile Gummikleber Petec
One-component, heat-resistant contact adhesive for interior and Außenverklebungen and also for großfl ächige bonding rubber profiles, rubber, foam rubber, natural rubber, leather, canvas, felt, rigid PVC, butyl rubber, also in conjunction with wood, aluminum, steel and fiber cement slabs, eg on auto ((door seals, gaskets, insulation mats, panels), caravan, boat and in the home.
- Resistant to the action of water (also seawater), gasoline, dilute acids and alkalis
- Free of aromatic solvents
Technical specifications:
Colour: yellowish - transparent
Operating temperature: -30 ° C to + 120 ° C °
Curing time: about 48 hours at room temperature
Contents: 350 ml
Packaging: brush top
Package: 6
Klebefl surfaces must be free of dirt, grease and dry. Adhesive on both parts evenly and leave to air at room temperature can (about 10 min.). Is the Verklebungszeitpunkt achieved the Klebefl surfaces are precisely matched brought and pressed vigorously rolled or rubbed. Do not knock! Bonded parts stick immediately. Curing time: about 48 hours at room temperature.
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