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LOCTITE ® face seal 5188, highly flexible anaerobic

Liquid surface seal product. It is suitable for rigid metal, eg on the gearbox and engine casings, especially when small oily dirt on the flange surfaces can occur. It cures of air between close fitting metal surfaces and is particularly suitable for aluminum parts where good adhesion is achieved. Immediately after assembly of flanges is given to low pressures (instant seal).
complies with its extremely high flexibility, the claims of the latest anaerobic gasketing technology. Loctite ® 5188 achieved even after heat aging excellent adhesion and flexibility, and can therefore be used for the most demanding applications. OEMs and suppliers have long benefited from the technical and economic benefits of anaerobic gasketing.
With Loctite ® 5188 takes this technology to a new level. This product can be applied by hand or automatically dosed with appropriate processing and metering devices.

Highly elastic even after heat aging
Very good adhesion to metals, especially aluminum
Allows flange designs with direct metal contact
Instant Seal at low pressure
Excellent chemical resistance of the cured product
Oil Tolerant
Can be used for many applications in industry and in the automotive sector. Typical applications include flange of metal, eg gears, cases, etc.
Tolerant of micro-movements in highly stressed flanges
Suitable for lightweight flange designs
Controlled technical tolerances
Allows in-line testing for leaks
Suitable for oil and coolant contact
Ideal for applications in the engine compartment
Seals also for minor oil contamination

Color: red (fluorescent)
Temperature resistance: -55 to +150 ° C
Resistance: moderate
Max gap: 0.25 mm
Hand strength (steel / aluminum): 25/10 Minutes
Curing: Anaerobic
Chemical Base methacrylate
Tensile shear strength on steel: 7 N / mm ²
Tensile shear strength on aluminum: 8 N / mm ²
Elongation at break: 180%

Content: 50 ml
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