Nahtabdichtungsband 9M

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3M ™seam sealing tape
Reliable way of ending and good überlackierbares, greenish sealing tape (rubber tape on backing paper)
For visual replica of the factory over painted sealing tapes - The sealing strip forms in the form and function of the original factory-new condition after
Designed for application to primed or gefüllerte body seams and overlaps
Particularly suitable there where no dispensing gun with special nozzle and steady hand is present
Extremely adaptable and pliable and flexible
Provides a reliable seal
Tip: The application should be done before painting, since the adhesion of the adhesive tape is completed by the solvent contained in the paint - The sealing tape is repositioned before painting
Warning: Do not apply directly to bare metal surfaces and not without sealing on acidic primers apply to possible reaction between this acid primer and the adhesive layer to avoid
Colour: light green
Dimensions (BxLxSt.): 22.5 mm x 9.1 mx 0.9 mm
Package: 12
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