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3M ™ High Performance Sealing Tape 4411N

Sided acrylic sealing tape for demanding sealing tasks
Can be used as a waterproof sealant
Weather- and UV-resistant, high temperature resistance, good solvent resistance and can be painted
It consists of a scratch-resistant ionomer film, which is coated with a soft acrylate adhesive
It adheres / bonded instantly and securely to many metals and plastics, and adapts flexibly to all contours, edges, transitions, rivets and screw heads on
Can be quickly and cleanly apply
Even with overlapping processing the extremely high adhesive force is maintained
No drying time, tropical, leakage or subsequent cleaning
Viscoelastic adhesive
Low odor
In practical blister packaging

z. B. trailer and caravan roofs, exterior, electrical components, automotive, mechanical engineering and metal siding

Dimensions (W x L) n: 38 mm x 1.5 m
Packaging: roll

Carton: 1

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