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Dr. Wack A1 Polish & Wax
2 in 1 care - Perfect shine and protection in a single operation
Uses a new, innovative technology (carnauba booster technology), the polish and wax perfectly combines in a single product - it must now be no compromises in the product performance are received
For convenient but discerning car Pfleger
Creates a highly brilliant surface and at the same time a long-lasting protection against weathering and environmental influences with effortless application in only one operation
Eliminates fine scratches and the graying of the surface by environmental and climatic influences
For all paints (metallic and colored paints) and paint conditions (like new to heavily weathered) suitable
Polishing machines Suitable and also for nano or scratchproof paints suitable
This product has multiple test winner (for example:. Autobild Issue 14/2012, 04/2012 GTÜ etc ....)

Packaging: plastic bottle with special sponge
Content: 250 ml

Carton: 6

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