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Cartechnic Wheel Cleaner Gel
Gelled cleaner for removing stubborn dirt. With new active ingredients for radiant shine - with corrosion protection. Even heavily soiled wheels look like new again quickly. The gel formula enhances the adhesion force, thus improving the action and the cleaning effect. Even stubborn deposits such as brake dust, road grime and road salt residue have no chance.

Removes quickly and gently persistent oxidation, brake dust and encrusted road grime
Adheres by its gel-like consistency where it is needed, thus ensuring an optimal effect. Brings a radiant shine
To clean all types of painted rims

Aluminium rims thoroughly cleaned before winter storage, so there is a rude awakening in the spring. Especially on the rims back dirt has collected. Because even brake wear, the branding in paint layers, causing small holes in the paint down to the bare aluminium. Due to the moisture then arises the so-called "galvanic corrosion", infiltrated the layers of paint and ensures ugly spots. Through the dirt, these mini-holes that can also be caused by stone chips, covered. After thorough cleaning, these vulnerabilities are visible. Easy to repair and avoid further damage.

Packaging: spray bottle
Content: 500 ml

Carton Quantity: 12
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