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Geruchsentferner 100ml

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Wynn Odour Clean-Air
Distant and neutralized immediately and inexpensively unpleasant, bad odor in vehicles (z. B. cars, trucks and buses) due to a chemical molecular reaction
With long-term effects due to chemical neutralization of the odor molecules rather than just simply mask the odor
Causes a fresh mint scent that lasts a long time (the Minzparfüm contained, dissolves easily after use to
Leaves no stains
Acting on and removed a large number of objectionable odors of organic materials, such as
- Cigarette smoke, pet, body and Transpirationsgeruch
- Food odors such as coffee, oranges, vanilla, pizza, fries, spilled food
- Smells of vomiting, fungi and moisture
- Bad smell of substances, such as seats and carpet in vehicles
Interesting product for professionals, eg for refreshing the car by the customer to repair and / or maintenance or for use for used, leasing or rental car
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Packaging: spray
Contents: 100 ml
Pcs./carton: 24
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