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3M ™ PPS ™ Kit midi (400 ml), 125μ, 50 cover (blue)

This resist processing system is ideally suited for the most common repairs sizes and therefore allows an economic processing of new paint systems
The new, smaller cup size (about 0.4 l) provides better material utilization and control - the perfect size for an accurate mixing
Claim your lacquering process and increase workshop productivity with a clever process flow
Time, cost and material savings through economical material consumption in paints and cups -. Eg between Basilack and clearcoat apply just swap the cup (less waste)
Highest process safety through a clean closed system - screen fits securely in the lid - no dripping danger
Optimal material contract by the painting at any angle and in any capacity
Direct mixing in the cup
No material loss during transfer
Simple, ready-made system
No danger of confusion because the lids are color coded 125 μ blue and white 200μ

Scope of supply:
50 bags, 50 blue cover Included 125μ filter and 20 storage closures

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