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LESONAL Basecoat WB GT (GT Basecoat WB)

The many benefits of Lesonal Basecoat WB GT result in significantly faster processing times and they can continuously - are achieved - without compromising on quality. Learn that speed and quality are not mutually exclusive and benefit in your paint shop with Lesonal Basecoat WB GT of higher profitability. There is a good reason that we have called our waterborne basecoat Lesonal Basecoat WB GT. The initials "GT", we think of famous cars like the Maserati GT, Alfa Romeo GT or the Ford Mustang Shelby GT, to name a few. GT stands for high efficiency and speed. And just like the GT cars combines Lesonal Basecoat WB in GT the two extremes high quality and short process time.

1K base mixed water-based paint
Short flash-off between base coat and clear coat
Short lead times per order
Versatile for all kinds of repairs
Easy to use
Full control over the color and appearance
Ensures quality final results and increases customer satisfaction
Smooth flow and uniform, matt appearance before varnishing
Show without special additives
Fast and invisible repair
Lower storage costs
Fast drying and high surface quality
If necessary, easy to grind
Ready to spray
Three months pot life without special additives
Material cost savings
Less disposal of residual material
Extensive color range
Best possible color match for high-quality results and satisfied end customers
Latest binder / pigment technology
Availability of the latest automotive OEM colors and trends is guaranteed

Description: WB GT 125M
Color: Mixed Metallic, fine (brilliant)
Packaging: Can
Content: 1000 ml

Carton: 2
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