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LACKDO AC 400ML 70-0105

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DUPLI-COLOR Auto Shades Car Color paint can

The proven combination system for numerous applications: high performance acrylic paint for painting and repairing paintwork, the car and for many other things, such as at home: For DIY, decoration and handicrafts on metal, wood, glass, stone, ceramics, cardboard and many hard plastics. In industry: Thanks to quick-drying quality and many RAL colors.
Especially user-friendly because of durable, application-friendly acrylic Oualität on a high technical level. Using the AUTO-COLOR-color program (JJM no. 998 49 98) of the matching color is easy to find.

quality acrylic quality
high color accuracy
fast drying
lead and cadmium
lasting shine
weatherproof, very good color retention (light-fast), UV-resistant (non-yellowing)
polishable - dirt-resistant surface
good flow, smooth surface
Suitable for painting and repairing objects in the interior and exterior
very good opacity
excellent adhesion
high surface hardness with good elasticity
Scratch, shock and impact
dirt-resistant by particularly smooth surface
seal metal effect lacquer and pearl shades necessarily by at least 30 minutes with clear coat!

Manufacturer Search Number: 70-0105
Packaging: spray can
Contents: 400 ml

It is recommended that a color-matching paint before each perform as:
Coloring tolerances may incur in production of cars in different production sites.
several years of construction and weathering in older paints can cause different shades of color actually identical. These color variations can not be ruled out.

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