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DUPLI-COLOR TUNING Spray Plast Sprühfolie Surface design changes rapidly through the strippable Spray Plast. To suit individual needs, for. Example, the look of wheels or other items and auto parts are designed. If the color does not seem pleasing anymore, the previously sprayed film is easily peeled off. Spray Plast is not only suitable for the design of wheels, but can be applied among other things to bare metal, all 2K finishes, paintable hard plastics and glass. The large-area protective coating of eg car parts is possible with correspondingly high layer thickness. High quality Fast drying Protective layer against stone chips, scratches, dirt, moisture Resistant to dilute acids, fats, oils Very good coverage Excellent adhesion to many materials such as metals, plastics (PP, PE, PVC), glass Not applicable on porous surfaces such as wood, concrete, stone Good flow, smooth surface Suitable for painting of objects in indoor and outdoor use Can be painted and then pulled off again with DUPLI-COLOR acrylic, NC, resin spray paint, Aqua, 2K paints, DUPLI-COLOR Alkyton, Dispersons wall paint Do not apply 1K paints, but only to bare metal, 2K finishes, original vehicle finishes Very good resistance to commercially available cleaners (eg wheel cleaner) Short term car wash resistant Non-conductive, but not electrically insulating! Color: black matt Content: 400 ml Package: 1

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