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ColorMatic Pneumatic filling VitoMat III

Particularly sturdy, but lightweight, very quick machine for large batch quantities. The pneumatically operated filling machine requires an operating pressure of 7 bar.
The machine is held with a particularly efficient cleaning circuit. Reduces filling time, saves solvents and allows for faster color changes The pneumatic device for filling spray cans of VitoMat series is used for fast and easy filling of vorbegasten ColorMatic cans with paint. The cans are already prefilled with propellant and solvent. When using the CleanJectors no cleaning is necessary. This means even faster color change, even less time loss and no more wear on the cylinder and piston.

- Each customer receives in a short time the desired color already from a can, but the device is also ideal for filling large quantities
- Cleaning circulatory system, without manual cleaning, the dilution passes through the machine and cleans them here
- No power supply required
- Small footprint, relatively easy
- Also suitable for water-based paints
- The unit must be cleaned easy to use and easy
- Adjustable feet
- The base can be bolted to the ground
- Transparent viewing window made of solvent-resistant plastic glass for permanent control option
- High working safety due to robust construction and easy-operation
- The filling time is only a few seconds, depending on the air pressure (7-8 bar)

Dimensions: 40 x 20.5 x 77 cm

Package: 1

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