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ColorMatic Pneumatic filling VitoMat II
Robust, easy to use machine for the filling of orders of medium size. The compressed air driven filling machine requires an operating pressure of 7 bar. The filling process takes place automatically. The compressed air unit for filling aerosol containers of VitoMat series is used for fast and easy filling of vorbegasten ColorMatic cans with paint. The cans are already prefilled with propellant and solvent. When using the CleanJectors no cleaning is necessary.This means even faster color change, even less time loss and no more wear on the cylinder and piston.
- Each customer in a short time the desired color shade already from a can
- The piston is removable and not fixed rigidly in the device, resulting in longer shelf life.
- The device is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to repair
- Adjustable feet and integrated transport handle
- The foot can be bolted to the ground
- Small footprint, relatively easy
- Fast payback

Dimensions: 32 x 25 x 78 cm
Package: 1

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