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NORTON Rotolo Foam strips

This Rotolo Foam strips are ideal for fine grinding (with a high finish level) to rounding, contours and curves, and deliver an excellent result on filler (without looping through the filler layer), primers and topcoats
A combination of Norton Pro A275 high-performance abrasive paper and a special, flexible foam pad
For excellent results, even in manual sanding!
A new, perfect perforation technology (pre-cut) guarantees easy tearing off with one hand and avoid scratches by straight edges
The special No-Fil coating is clogging is reduced
Water resistant - No finger or sanding marks
For easier identification of the carton has a color-coded label corresponding to the grain - The color coding corresponds to the coding system of Norton Pro grit
User-friendly and economical use, protected from dust in a box packed

Dimensions (W x L): 115 mm x 25 m
Grit: P600
Label color: fuchsia
Scope: Abundance end touches
Packaging: roll in dispenser box

Carton: 1

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