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NORTON cleaning disc Blaze Rapid Strip

Extremely versatile Quick Change Disc / grinding wheel with small diameters for various applications (such as featheredge transitions, edge breaking or removing parting lines and machine marks)
Edits the slight contours are used as well as for straight surfaces and works most effectively on pneumatic tools
Strong coating the Norton SG Blaze ceramic Hochleistungskorund and improved resin bond - Holds 2x longer than competitive products
Open structure
Tear not address strongly encrusted workpieces
No clogging for soft materials
Finish corresponding application of surface conditioning discs and removed material (peeling and cleaning)
Less downtime, less waste
Speedlok fixing: No slipping, no sticking and always centric continuously. Fast, tool-free disc changes (with only one turn) for more effective grinding time

Diameter: 50 mm
Fineness: X coarse SG
Connector Type: TR 3

Pcs./carton: 25

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