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3M ™ Hookit ™ Trizact ™ grinding wheel 471LA

Based on the known 3M ™ Trizact ™ technology and is ideal for pre and areal regrinding the finishing process or at the Spot Repair
Specially designed for quick removal of paint runs and orange peel
Guaranteed uniform removal with long service life
When using the abrasive constantly new, sharp abrasive grains are released, thereby a consistently fine roughness during the entire grinding process maintained
Smooth, scratch-resistant finish for easier polishing!
Abrasives with pyramidal structure for longer life and smooth sanding
It is recommended to use the disc wet (use z. B. a spray bottle), whereby a premature clogging and dust formation is reduced
Additionally we recommend the grinding wheel to clean several times to exploit up to 7 x longer service life compared to other fine abrasives
To induce broad soft with 3M ™ Hookit ™ sanding disc or 3M ™ Hookit ™ interface pad

Grain size: A10, entrspricht P1500
Diameter: 75 mm
Color: purple (purple)
Perforation: Unperforated

Carton unit: 25

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